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Flexxy dog cages

We are proud that ALL Flexxy dog cages and ALL production takes place in one and the same factory in Sweden (in-house) in a Swedish-owned factory with a collective agreement. Sustainable for the future, no unnecessary transport or unsafe conditions.

Keep it safe & simple!

Flexxy smartest Swedish-made dog cage on the market!

Flexxy dog cage a hassle-free dog cage for dogs in the car.

Thanks to the fact that Flexxy dog cages have a two-part door, you can have it for many, many years regardless of car.

Flexxy dog cages fit in cars regardless of whether the car has a threshold or not in the car's luggage compartment. Of course, the Flexxy cages are designed to be placed on whichever side you want in the car's luggage compartment, which is done when the cage is mounted. If you regret it, just turn the cage and reassemble the door. No extra screws are needed, you replace the existing ones with only one tool. Flexxy dog cages are a dog cage with FOUR variants all for a long life and reuse in their next car (the dog is about 9-12 years usually and the average changes car every three years)

There is an emergency hatch if the door should be blocked or if the accident should occur.

Flexxy dog cage is for SUV, station wagon and semi-station wagon cars. This cage is intended to stand behind the rear seat.

Flexxy stötfångarskydd antislip 60x80cm

Rek pris: 33.40 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy dog cage XSmall

Rek pris: 430.55 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy dog cage Small

Rek pris: 459.26 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy dog cage Medium

Rek pris: 526.25 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy dog cage Large

Rek pris: 573.24 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy dog cage double Small

Rek pris: 765.12 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy dog cage double Medium

Rek pris: 860.82 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy strap / Load strap 2-pack

Rek pris: 3.78 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy gas damper for S, M, L and DS, DM

Rek pris: 18.66 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy locking piston with 2 keys (complete)

Rek pris: 17.70 EUR
In stock.

Flexxy an investment for the safety of the dog in the car!

Flexxy manufactures hassle-free dog cages for transporting dogs in cars. We always recommend Flexxy seat belts or leashes for these dog cages to avoid personal injury to passengers in the back seat in the event of a collision. Flexxy dog cages are available in several different sizes and designs, which means that they fit in hundreds of different car models. To be sure that the products fit your car and dog, you can always enter your car model in "Find dog cages that fit your car"

Flexxy dog cages are designed and manufactured in Sweden. For Flexxy dog cages, safety always comes first - for both humans and animals and is easy to use.

Flexxy dog cages are an innovative dog cage that is designed to fit in cars regardless of whether the car has a threshold or not in the car's luggage compartment. Flexxy collaborates with car manufacturers to create safe transport and smart unique dog cages.

Flexxy dog cages are the obvious choice when safety and function are the highest priority.