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Flexxy dog cage Medium wide

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Keep it safe & simple!Flexxy smartest Swedish-made dog cage on the market!Flexxy dog cage a hassle-free dog cage for dogs in the car.Flexxy dog cage ha

Article Number: 0025

Keep it safe & simple!

Flexxy smartest Swedish-made dog cage on the market!

Flexxy dog cage a hassle-free dog cage for dogs in the car.
Flexxy dog cage has a two-part door smart! Fits in cars regardless of whether the car has a threshold or not in the car's luggage compartment.
If you want to change the dog cage to another car, it is possible to adjust / reassemble for a car with or without a threshold with a tool (approx. 1 min takes the shift)
Of course, the Flexxy cages are designed to be placed on which side you want in the car's luggage compartment, which is done when the cage is mounted. There is an emergency hatch if the door is blocked or if the accident should occur.
Flexxy dog cage is for SUV, station wagon and semi-station wagon cars. This cage is intended to stand behind the rear seat.

Technical information:
The dog cage has a two-part door, flexible and Smart!
Fits cars with or without a threshold in the luggage. BRILLIANT!
Gas spring holding up the door. (Safe for the dog also for master and mistress)
Thanks to the locking system in the cage, safety can be guaranteed for the dog when the tailgate is open.
An emergency door is available if the door is blocked.
The market's lowest weight thanks to a material combination of steel and aluminum.

This model is 66 cm tall,which means that it is generally suitable for dogs up to about 61cm in height.The recommendation is that Flexxy female cages should be at least about 5cm or more above the dog's mane height. Choose cage height that is about 5cm higher than your dog's mane height.
Find out if the dog cage fits in your car model? Easiest! Click here (link) to get to our Configurator"Find dog cages that fit your car" 

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Dogcage singel Medium Wide
Steel/ aluminium
642 mm
752 mm
555 mm
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