Own production in Sweden (In-house)! Fast deliveries!

Flexxy dog cages are manufactured in-house in the well-known Gnosjö region. A region that is in constant expansion and is known for its entrepreneurship.

The design and technical development of Flexxy's dog cages is done by ourselves, the production takes place in close collaboration with our manufacturer / supplier who has a modern machine park for pipe bending. By combining this with our long experience and great knowledge, they can meet our needs. BLM Eturn 35 is an electric pipe bending machine with up to 6 fixed or variable radii in the same operation. This together with automatic charging and discharging creates opportunities that cover most needs. BLM NC42, Herber SBM38 and Herber HBM50 are pipe bending machines with fixed radii that bend with and without mandrel.

First sketch 2020 on Flexxy dog cage.
As you can understand, there were some important points.

    Safe for dog and mistress / master
    Smart, easy to handle many possibilities
    Low weight (to be able to deliver smart)
    Low weight is becoming increasingly important as electric cars become more common

Advanced hole drilling in pipes - without expensive tool costs!
With Adige tube laser, they are able to process tube dimensions from Ø12 or 12x12 up to Ø152 and 120x120.

In addition to being able to perform complex shapes in the tube laser without incurring expensive costs for tools, this form of laser cutting also provides great flexibility in both large and small series.


In the welding department, they have two welding robots, one of which is equipped with CMT and one with MIG / MAG and plasma. In addition to this, we have several manual stations where we weld with MIG / MAG, TIG and also soldering.The latest robot weld is equipped with CMT welders from Fronius.

Pipe bending - many possibilities!

Our supplier handles most things in bending pipes.* Bending of pipes with or without mandrel!* Bends with fixed radius, free radius or why not with variable radius!* Bends in round tubes, square tubes or elliptical tubes!

Did you know this about pipe bending?

Cold bending is a method of pipe bending. This means, for example, that the pipe is pulled over a hollowed-out curve template and a so-called pull shaft is used as a lever. This has a corresponding clearing and this means that the draw shaft and the curve template form a kind of tunnel corresponding to the outer diameter of the pipe. This causes the pipe to bend and prevents the bend on the pipe from flattening or folding.Sometimes you use a tool called a mandrel. The mandrel is threaded on the pipe before bending. The tube is stretched over the rounded end of the mandrel so that the bend on the tube becomes round instead of flattened.Hot bending means that you fill the pipe with fine sand that is packed carefully before performing the actual bending of the pipe. You can also bend the pipe, which means that the pipe is heated with a welding flame so that folds occur on the inside of the bend.